Mr Kelvin Nyirongo - CEO

The Kelvin Nyirongo Hope Foundation is a private humanitarian foundation which was established in 2012. Our desire is to support and protect the Rights of the youth who are; abandoned, orphaned, or victims of poverty, through our “Angel programs.”


Through Education and Sports, our mission is to provide assistance to the youth, so that they can achieve their dreams.”

Persons below 15 and 18 years constitute 45.5% and 52.5% of the total population respectively. The unemployment Rate in Zambia increased to 13.20 percent in 2019 from 11.40 percent in 2018. The majority of youths in Zambia lack skills training and support to reach their fullest potential.

The Kelvin Nyirongo Hope Foundation is currently implementing different empowerment and sponsorship programs to young people, which aim at providing knowledge and skills to enable them become agents of positive change in their communities. We strongly believe that the surest way of securing the future is to invest in the youth.

Fundraising for local community causes world help received.

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The funds from events enable volunteers like you help us make these events successful.

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We provide educational materials to vulnerable youths in schools on the Copperbelt & Lusaka.

We believe in collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to maximize our impact and reach.